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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Megaventory partners with Magento SaaS vendors MageCloud, QuickMage

Megaventory is a proud member of the Software-as-a-Service industry and for this reason we have now partnered with two Magento cloud based turn-key solutions.

QuickMage is a Magento-as-a-Service solution. You can easily launch and scale your ecommerce business without having to commit to a significant setup and training cost for you and your employees. QuickMage offers Magento hosting, powerful design tools, customizability and easy installation of Magento modules, plugins and extensions. 

The Megaventory inventory management Magento extension is offered as a premium extension and you can take advantage of the exclusive offer: 50% off of Megaventory fees for the first 6 months.

QuickMage pricing is based on the turnover of your store and it will not charge you anything for the first $10,000 you earn, making it an ideal launchpad for a new ecommerce business or for testing a business idea.

MageCloud is a service that allows you to install Magento on an Amazon server with just a few clicks. You can customize your storefront with hundreds of themes and add extensions without writing any code through MageCloud’s user interface. At the same time, more advanced Magento users still have access to the regular Magento backend and their server through SSH. 

The Megaventory inventory management Magento extension is among those offered in the marketplace providing an excellent method to have a fully-featured solution combining ecommerce and order management out of the box.

MageCloud has flexible pay-as-you-grow pricing and you can get started for free. Again this is ideal to get you started with minimal expenses while keeping the door open for easy scalability to heavier traffic if the business catches on. 

In Megaventory we make every effort to allow business owners to focus on their business rather than worry about their IT infrastructure and software. These two partnerships and the ease of use they mean are a clear step towards this direction and definitely worth a try if you’re thinking of setting up an eshop with Magento.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Megaventory Update: Arabic, Magento, Search, Speed

It's time to announce yet another upgrade that has taken place here at Megaventory HQ. Starting the past week you'll be seeing lots of new goodies around here. Here's a sample of the highlights:

1. We have another localization out: Arabic is now among the languages officially supported by Megaventory!

Arabic interface in Megaventory

If you're a native speaker or just more confident in working with Arabic, just go to Admin and click Localize Megaventory. From the drop down menu at the top left choose Arabic and Megaventory will instantly be even more user-friendly for you.

Note of course that if you want to keep certain terms untranslated - or according to your custom needs, you're free to do so and tailor Megaventory exactly as you want to.

2. A new version of our Magento extension Inventory Management for Multiple Locations is out. We're already at version 2.1 and that includes:

  • auto sync of custom product attributes
  • auto sync of stock alert levels
  • code optimization, bug fixing and interface improvements

3. The good old Megaventory search has also received an upgrade. It now supports filling in multiple fields and finding a search result covering all criteria by the click of single button. That way it's much faster and efficient and saves users of waiting time for individual searches to filter their results.

The improved search interface in lists

4. Finally, we've implemented a significant technology upgrade by means of which of Megaventory is now faster and easier to integrate with third-party services. As a result you should expect to see soon more value being added to our service by combining it with other products. But more of that in the coming weeks...

That's all for now - stay tuned for more upgrades soon!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Software Advice interview: Megaventory among best UIs of inventory management software

Those following us on our social media accounts (do visit and follow us at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) will already know that Megaventory was selected by Software Advice - which helps people find the right software for their organization - as one of the inventory management services with the best UI!


We're glad to see our focus on usability pay off as we really think it's a crucial aspect when designing an ERP experience and one that is often sacrificed at the expense of adding even more features and bells and whistles. Given the importance of usability and our obsession about it (as well as a little surprise that's coming up soon) we decided to go a bit deeper and ask the article's author Forrest Burnson, a couple of questions on the subject.


Here are his views on UI/UX:

1. Why did you choose to include Megaventory in the list of online inventory management software with a top UI?

I particularly liked how organized and clean the UI was. Not only is it intuitive and aesthetically pleasing, but it is able to present a lot of information on-screen without being too cluttered.

2. What is the most innovative idea or usability element you have seen in modern interfaces?

I think now more than ever, software developers and engineers are making greater strides to really put themselves in the shoes of the end user. They're thinking a lot more about how long it takes the average user to figure out how to use their software. So that's one thing. The growing prominence of web-based, SaaS applications has also been huge. When you're developing an application for a web browser, you're generally faced with more limitations compared to a desktop application. But those limitations might be more of a blessing than a curse - you're able to integrate standard web design best practices that the user is already familiar with, which generally forces you to keep it simple and intuitive. While it might be a bit of a no-brainer to say that being able to use a web browser to access an application is incredibly innovative, it can't be stated enough.

3. What are the characteristic UI/UX elements online services should have which are the most sought after by end users?

Simplicity, familiarity and readability. End users want something that isn't too different from what they are used to, and they want it to be simple. They don't want to have to do a lot of reading - people generally scan web pages. The less clicking and typing they have to do, the better.

4. What do you see as being the future of UI/UX in online services?

Can you believe what UI/UX on the web looked like just ten years ago? The terrible fonts, the flash animations, the lack of white space, etc. And now we're at this point where things look utterly stunning, and developers and software engineers are really responding to the market demand for applications that look nice and are easy to use. And it's only going to get better. In terms of what that means for the future, it really comes down to what kind of devices people are using. Tablet and smartphone adoption is through the roof, so we will definitely see even greater UI/UX optimization toward those devices.

And of course, having said all that here is his post on the best inventory management system user interfaces.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Megaventory Updates: new Magento version, Zapier integration, GetApp entry

Lots of updates are already in place and improving your Megaventory experience - check them out:

New Magento module version is live

For those of you who are using Magento to run your business or are considering adopting it (or know someone who has already done so), you'll be glad to know that we have a new version out - v2.0.1. You can grab it here. It supports bulk synchronization, it's faster, more stable, has less bugs - and we're really proud of it.

Megaventory is partnering with Zapier!

We're in the process of integrating with Zapier - when that's done Megaventory will be able to connect with hundreds of popular services with only imagination being the limit to what it can do. Zapier is a very promising project - be sure to check out their App Directory - we're really proud to become a member of their platform. More on that soon!

GetApp Review

Megaventory has recently been featured in many sites but one of our favorites is the GetApp Business App Marketplace. If you have enjoyed using Megaventory (or even just signed up for a demo), we'd appreciate spending two minutes of your time to write a candid review - it'll make a world of our difference for our promotional efforts.

That's all for now - as always if you need anything just contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Megaventory comes out of BETA!

The past weeks and months we have been hard at work on many fronts, most of which meant minor or major improvements on things most people don't notice - at least not immediately.

So far, we've upgraded our hardware, performed multiple updates and maintenance, significantly improved our internal process to be more efficient (for example we know offer support via our Knowledge Base as well) and have of course launched the Megaventory Partner Program (more on that soon).

All of that paved the way and culminated in one of the most important milestones of Megaventory: we're now confident enough to remove the BETA tag from our logo!

It's been quite a trip of four years with regular upgrades and improvements, in constant contact with our customers in an effort to enhance the Megaventory experience as much as possible. But now - and only now - we can be sure that we offer a really useful, practically bug-free, robust and scalable solution.

The reason we waited so long - unlike what most competitors do - was that we wanted to be excellent in every aspect of our solution before removing the BETA. It's quite simple really: we value our customers' data and processes as our own and we need to be 120% confident that we can offer significant value in an uninterrupted way before branding our software as complete.

Of course, we'll keep issuing updates and improvements to Megaventory in order to make it an even more ideal solution for small and medium business inventory and order management, an ideal web-based ERP essentially.

The regular upgrades will continue, more integrations are already being developed and many other exciting things are coming up! Please be sure to follow our updates, Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date!