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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

An exciting new partnership!

We are proud to announce our partnership with Deutsche Telekom subsidiary, COSMOTE, the largest telecoms provider in Southeastern Europe.

Another development which has been in the works for quite some time now and can finally be announced is the brand new deal we have struck with COSMOTE, the largest telecommunication provider in Southeast Europe!

Megaventory is one of the very few early solutions to be included in the newly launched B2B cloud marketplace of COSMOTE (a Deutsche Telekom subsidiary). As a result COSMOTE business customers will now be able to subscribe to the Megaventory service directly from the COSMOTE Business Marketplace Megaventory page which is specifically designed for this purpose. Subscriber companies will receive a single monthly bill including their Megaventory subscription cost along with their other telco services.

The Megaventory pricing remains essentially the same regardless if an account is purchased via or the COSMOTE marketplace. At the same time, a COSMOTE business will also enjoy the added value and support provided by this huge player in the market and its other important partnerships and deals.

This is definitely one of Megaventory’s most important partnerships yet and an exciting opportunity as it opens up a large market of hundreds of thousands of small and medium businesses in the broader SE region. What’s more, we’re proud to associate the Megaventory brand with that of COSMOTE – a move which is likely to lead the way for more such high-caliber deals.

The Megaventory – COSMOTE partnership is meant to be the first of more to follow in the European and global market within 2016 and a stepping stone for other significant marketplaces currently in the process of expansion (such as that of Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of COSMOTE and also the company behind T-Mobile, EtiSalat and du in the EMEA region, etc).

Excited as we are about this announcement the development effort in Megaventory is picking up speed and we will soon be announcing even more exciting features and integrations. Stay tuned!

Saturday, 9 January 2016

More Megaventory improvements: security upgrades implemented

In the interest of supporting the data security of our customers, we have preemptively completed multiple online security audits and upgrades.

In the year that’s just wrapped, the issue of online security kept cropping up constantly. Almost every week, news of a significant security breach surfaced while minor ones undoubtedly kept happening at a more frequent pace.

Online security can mean many things depending on the industry in question – it can range from individual laptop protection to app database security – and the respective sector (whether that’s B2B or B2C). In any case, the protection of assets against hacking has been an established topic in most lists of what will be a hot field in technology in 2016.

Always working for our customers’ best interests and with the aim of staying ahead of the game we committed to reviewing and improving Megaventory’s security during the second semester of 2015. This review coincided at just the appropriate period of wrapping up the new interface so that any necessary improvements were immediately introduced to the new version of the service.

As such, we have taken the following steps to improve security in Megaventory:
  • We have performed an internal audit of our entire code base identifying and addressing the most typical security issues a web application needs to cover against. This included attack vectors based on Cross Side Scripting, file injection, SQL query sanitization, our email server, web server redirects/forwards and the SSL certificate, among other things.
  • We have also hired Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing company to perform a full security audit of Megaventory. The audit covered the major vulnerabilities of the OWASP industry standard across the entire scope of the app and was followed by the immediate correction of any issue that was detected.
  • An independent partnership deal we have been working on for many months now (and which is about to be announced – stay tuned!) required an additional security audit which was initiated and completed during the last two months of 2015.
  • We have instituted a bug bounty program so that any interested party can audit the Megaventory application for security (or other issues) and they will be reimbursed for finding points in the application which need improvement. Refer to the EULA (sections 11.3 and 11.4) for details.

As a result, Megaventory enters 2016 confident that its customer base has one less thing in mind in the constantly shifting technology landscape. So, instead of worrying about their data and business security online Megaventory customers can relax and think about how they can make their company fulfill its potential.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Announcing Megaventory 3.0!

We’re excited to launch the new version of Megaventory featuring a complete design overhaul and a significant speed boost on the interface.

After many months of hard work we are proud to launch Megaventory 3.0. This new and exciting version features our entirely new UI, advanced customer support capabilities as well as several other optimizations and speed improvements. We started the redesign of the interface from scratch and we literally did not leave anything untouched. We are now confident that we have built a UI that is clean, fast and optimized to reduce the effort needed for every single action inside Megaventory.

We have changed the technology used by our application and as a result the interface now responds to user actions at a fraction of the time. This alone should give a productivity boost to businesses adopting Megaventory.


What is more, we have completely changed the navigation philosophy. The site interface is now divided in four different dashboards, one for each role in the business: namely the Purchase, Sell, Manufacture and Inventory dashboards. Each dashboard has all the needed action buttons, such as creation of a Sales Order in the Sell dashboard which you can click to quickly start a new order for your customers.

Each dashboard also has a very powerful grid of pre-filtered cards and business reports. For example, it’s possible to create a card with the non-fulfilled Sales Orders of the last 7 days and add it to your dashboard for quick reference on an every-day basis. You can even share the card with your team so that they do not have to create it again and so that you all work from the same starting point. 

The new Megaventory dashboard


The snappy new interface combined with the streamlined design and functionality of the app allows businesses to perform their daily actions like restocking in just a couple of minutes, minimizing data entry.

The new UI is also responsive and it allows you to use Megaventory either from your computer or from a mobile device. This comes handy in various use cases: you can either be in your office PC creating reports or in the warehouse managing stock with a tablet or on the go taking sales from clients in your mobile.

(Re)discover Megaventory

All new customers get the new UI by default – all you have to do is sign up here. Existing customers will be phased out of the old UI and into the new version in the coming weeks (anyone who wants to jump the queue and enjoy the brand new offering should let us know).

Also, if you're into this sort of thing, please upvote us in Hacker News & Product Hunt

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Megaventory’s capabilities just got multiplied by 400 – see how!

A new, powerful integration for Megaventory is launching today!

We’re proud to welcome Zapier to the family of our existing connections with third party solutions – and what a member it is...

For those who don’t know it, Zapier is an agile service that sits between various other solutions, services and software and can interconnect them. The really interesting aspect that sets it apart and the reason you should sign up to use it, if you don’t do so already, is that absolutely no programming or technical skills is required. You can set up connections between software you use in minutes and the only limit is your imagination really.

What sets it apart from other competing products is the broad access to third party services it offers – more than 400 apps can be connected using it: from CMS to accounting and from ecommerce to helpdesk tools you’re bound to be able to find your tool of choice among its supported integrations.

And for the past couple of weeks Megaventory was being developed and tested into that list. Here are a few examples of what you can do if you’re already using Megaventory:

  • Want to be notified by email when a product goes low on stock? Just connect Megaventory with email – when the product falls below the predefined alert level you will receive an email. You can then log into Megaventory and place an order with your supplier.

  • Want to track you Megaventory suppliers and clients inside your favorite Sales or CRM software? Here’s a small sample of what you can connect to our solution:

  • Want to connect your Megaventory suppliers and clients with your email marketing software in order to be able to send them updates about your business developments? Use Mailchimp for example (or any of the 60+ other email campaign managers available in Zapier)

The possibilities are literally endless – just see the long list of integrations Zapier supports.
And, of course, Zapier is the latest of a series of integrations we have implement (Magento and Salescast came before it and more are coming).

So, if you had a missing bit of functionality in your current business software solution, take a closer look at the Megaventory - Zapier integration to see if you can make your company run more efficiently.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The latest on supply chain software trends

Software Advice, a firm that helps buyers find the right order management system for them, recently released a large study about the latest trends in supply chain software. Some of its most important findings further prove that Megaventory is a key player in supply chain software  and ahead of the game when it comes to properly managing your processes.

According to this study businesses in search for a proper supply chain software solution belong in one of three categories. These companies either do not have any software solution in place or use spreadsheets or have a locally installed license solution. We believe that neither of the three can help a multi-location, multi-user business retain its competitiveness and scale in the current business environment. Not in an efficient manner at least.

(image source, CC BY-SA 3.0)
Its all about the software

Barcode scanners, RFID technologies and other hardware gadgets for retail businesses and warehouses are no longer the hottest exhibits in major Supply Chain exhibitions. It is business software that is now in the centre of interest in the supply chain world. This happened because both small and larger companies have realized that investing in Supply Chain software can give them a better insight on their business, improve existing processes and most importantly give a large return in investment by optimizing their stock and reducing delivery times. For this reason, businesses are ready to invest large amounts on software solutions: the research found that companies are willing to spend $100k on average for their supply chain software.

Heres what these companies are looking from a software solution - and how well can Megaventory cover them:

·         The most important reason for seeking to improve their business software is to task automation. Megaventory helps businesses speed up processes like quoting, selling or ordering and each process is designed to reflect the actual operations taking place in a commercial business. This way, it can provide a single platform where all the processes take place.

·         Reducing data entry comes second in the list of requirements. Choosing to adopt a solution like Megaventory, you make sure you input all your operations in real-time and only once without the need to keep track of various different systems and databases. When you need to perform bulk imports of your existing data, Megaventory can also accept spreadsheets to update its database which will cut down your data entry effort.

·         Improving and optimizing purchasing is naturally a key requirement for commercial businesses. Optimizing stock can decrease your costs and improve the availability towards your clients. Megaventory’s On-Hand Inventory and Alerts module allows you to set alert levels for each product and inventory location and then re-order the needed products in a matter of seconds without any data entry required. What is more, our integration with SalesCast offers demand forecasting and can help you order the correct quantities for every product by analysing historical data.

·         Improving warehousing is another major concern. Megaventory, offers sophisticated user permissions that allow administrators to strip down the software for each user according to their role in the company. This means, for example, that the warehouse worker can see a simplified user interface only with the information and processes they need. Also, Megaventory makes it very easy to print or email all the printouts like picking slips and packing slips with a simple click.

·         Business owners seek to find integrated systems for their Supply Chain Management systems. Megaventory has invested a lot in software integrations which allow the creation of a scalable, integrated solution for any physical goods business. The Megaventory software is already integrated with Magento, SalesCast and Zapier and many more integrations are down the road.

Megaventory can be easy to use and adopt, an overall affordable and scalable solution which can handle all the operations of a small to medium sized physical goods company. The features added to our solution recently reflect the latest trends in supply chain management and can make the life of managers and employees alike much easier all while enabling them to really stay ahead of the game.

You can give Megaventory a try here.