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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Megaventory v1.0

Just before the end of 2009 We are very excited to announce the v1.0 release of Megaventory. In this release we introduce an extensive currency support that includes average costing reporting in multiple currencies. Note that very few ERPs can actually keep track of average costs in multiple currencies and be able to edit past transactions/invoices (not to mention their price). Number and date formating has also been addressed and so, formating can now be user defined. Finally, lots of work has been done in fixing bugs and get closer to take out the beta sign.

Ok, here is the list:
  • New pages added: Currency.aspx, CurrencyConversions.aspx, CurrencyEdit.aspx
    • These pages are related to more efficient currency management. and enable average costing functionality in multiple currencies.
  • New Features and Fixes: Report1.aspx (Product Movements), Report2.aspx (Availability Levels), Report3.aspx (Inventory Value), Report4.aspx (Gross Profit), Report5.aspx (Order Report)
    • The currency option is now available as a drop down field. Costs and revenues are based on actual (or provisional) exchange rates set by the user in Report3.aspx, Report4.aspx and Report5.aspx (feature).
    • The pop-up window (drilldown window) showing the details of the report4.aspx was not displaying results after page two in report4.aspx (fix).
    • The inbound quantity has been taken out from the drilldown in report4.aspx (it was always empty since only out transactions were taken into account). Two more columns are added: COGS and Gross Profit per transaction (feature and fix).
    • The pop-up window showing the details of the report5 had the header text set to 'transaction number' and is now changed to 'order number' (fix).
    • Some data field option buttons were not colored red in report5.aspx (fix).
    • The fixed width of the reports was causing some design issues (scroll bar was disappearing) after post-back (fix).
    • When the category was collapsed by the user the bar graph was coming up empty in all reports (fix).
    • A security issue existed under a certain scenario regarding the data in the bar graphs in reports (fix).
    • The 'today' option in report1.aspx, report4.aspx, report5.aspx was not displaying the data according to the time zone of each account (fix).
  • New Fix: Edituser.aspx
    • The administrator user of the account could be deleted (by the administrator) if the administrator username contained upper case letters. This is now fixed (fix)
  • New fixes: AccountUpgrade/AccountDetails.aspx
    • The page did not show expiration date and respective button controls were not visible (fix).
    • There was an issue with the time extension of a premium+ account (fix).
  • New Generic Features:
    • Text has been corrected in various pages (fix).
    • A support tag has been added to the browser window. The tag is sending support emails with a unique identifier so they can be handled more effectively by the megaventory support team (feature).
    • Formatting on all pages can be set according to user selection. Data import now takes into account the formatting of numbers (feature).
    • All textboxes are now displayed with rounded corners (feature).
    • The time offset was set incorrectly for India and other countries with half hour offsets (fix).
    • The currency management is added in the administrator dashboard/menu (feature)
    • If an account expires, the users (not the administrators) could not see a warning msg (fix).
    • if an administrator changes the initial password the new password was not updated in the respective database table (fix).
  • Fix: PickProduct.aspx
    • The css file has been added to the header of the file so the page follows the generic design of megaventory (fix).

Monday, December 28, 2009

Promotional video

Here is the 1st promotional video for More to come on the way!

by the way, if you like the video, visit for similar projects.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Some cool comments to keep us going.. :)

Well, me and Puneet -the engineers of megaventory- are working really hard these past weeks, i thought I should update a bit our blog to include some cool comments we got by two of our clients. The first email came from the US and it looks like this:

'Let me say that we LOVE the software. It does everything we need and I
believe we will be quite happy with it as a permanent tool for inventory.
As we expand I anticipate upgrading again.

Also, I am very impressed with the speed and quality of your customer
support. I've sent you several emails and each one was responded to in a
timely, professional manner, with the issue being resolved quickly.

Great job! Great software! Keep up the good work! Brian'

The second one comes from a megaventory user based in Japan:

'Just be quick

It seems you are setting a new standard, very innovative and creative.
I thought of the birth of the EasyJet when I found your service online.
The Easy forced the industry to change.

Hope the Megaventory continues to work 24hours/365days, with no downtime.
As long as I observe now, it is working okay. Nobu'

Really, in the life of the startup, it's not only the cash that makes entrepreneurs smile. It is also in some feedback emails that you find happiness. So... Keep us sending such comments and the wheel will keep turning!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Megaventory v0.99b

Megaventory has now reached 0.99b (one version before v1.0!). This time we have added some very nice features (such as the integration of charts and reports) but we also focused on fixing some bugs. Here is the list (and is big!)
  • New Features and Fixes: Report1.aspx (Product Movements), Report2.aspx (Availability Levels), Report3.aspx (Inventory Value), Report4.aspx (Gross Profit), Report5.aspx (Order Report)
    • Charts added in the each report page. Chart data are populated according to the filters chosen in the pivot table by the user and can be printed directly from the browser. As a result of This improvement chart1.aspx and chart2.aspx have been removed and so these pages are no longer visible in user permissions (editpermissions.aspx) or in the megaventory menu. All database have been updated to account for this change (feature).
    • The Y (vertical) axis of the charts includes scale breaks so as to remove useless space that appear when values have a significant difference in magnitude (feature).
    • Change options in reports so that the PDF export includes more content in a single page because it prints in landscape mode (feature).
    • The reports are now confined in width in the case that there are many data that expand the table horizontally (fix).
    • Save current date was giving a warning in some cases. This is resolved (fix).
  • New Features and Fix: Printinvoice.aspx
    • Currency info is now displayed in the printout of the transaction/order (feature).
    • Extra columns appear according to transaction type and user requirements (feature).
    • The URL of the transaction/order is included in the footer of the printed transaction/order. The URL is admissible according to user permissions accessing the URL (feature).
    • Users are redirected in the homepage in case the printout does not exist (fix).
  • New Features and Redesign: Homepage (Tutorial and Dashboard)
    • Added an extended tutorial to cover a Transaction (or Purchase/Sales Order) and user creation when a user subscribes to megaventory.
    • A supplier/Client is created in the homepage tutorial rather than just a supplier. By doing that, the user will be able to issue both a Sales and a Purchase Order while in the tutorial.
    • The Dashboard is now made available to all not only admins. As a result, the links and link groups of the dashboard are visible according to the user permissions. As a result the text "My admin dashboard" changed to "My dashboard".
  • New Design, Feature and Fix: Inout.aspx
    • In case two simultaneous transaction/order forms are opened in two same instances of the same browser, data could mix up. This has been fixed.
    • The "ongoing loading" issue in Chrome and Safari browsers that was occuring while issuing orders/transactions has been fixed.
  • New Generic Features:
    • Helptips have been added to specific pages to help new users while in the tutorial.
    • The megaventory font changed from Verdana to Tahoma, made bolder and bigger.
    • The megaventory homepage has been redesigned.
    • If a URL is requested and the user is logged out, the user is redirected to the requested URL upon successful login.
    • Encrypted Login & Password while logging in.
    • The css file is compressed and optimized.
  • New Feature: TransactionsEdit.aspx
    • added extra transaction options in transactions. These options control the visibility of specific columns in transaction/order forms according to the user preferences. As a result, these extra transactions options were also added in the grid of transactions.aspx
  • Fix: Productedit.aspx, Producteditmasterfree.aspx
    • took out the requirement of EAN to be strictly numbers.
  • New Feature and Fix: Orderlist.aspx, InvoiceList.aspx
    • Order status appear correctly with their translated text when the grid is exported (fix).
    • Added two extra fields in the order list (and transactions list) to account for the total value and the total quantity per order (feature).
  • Fix: SupplierEdit.aspx
    • A text field was changed.
  • Fix: Categoriesedit.aspx, Supplieredit.aspx
    • In case there is only one category (or supplier) the dropdown list is non-enabled. User can only delete child products or leave child products unassigned.
  • Fix: Producteditmasterfree.aspx
    • The validation of 10 characters for SKU has been taken out. The correct validation of 20 characters has been assigned to the SKU form.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A sneak peek of whats to come in version 0.99b

Here we are again with a sneak peek of what will be included in megaventory 0.99b (seems we're really afraid to move on to version 1.0!). The upgrade is scheduled for Sunday 25th Oct.

  • Currency info will now be displayed in the printout of the invoice/order/transaction. Moreover, extra columns (image, remarks) appear according to transaction type and user requirements.
  • Export options will be changed so that the PDF export (printout) will include more content in a single page in reports (will print in landscape mode).
  • Transactions/orders will include extra transaction options so that the transaction form may display -or not- certain columns.
  • The tutorial will be extended to cover transaction, PO/SO and user creation. This will definitely make megaventory modules easier to understand.
  • Dashboard link visibility is controlled by permissions and the dashboard will be made available to all not only administrators.
  • The issue-bug of Chrome and Safari browsers while issuing orders/transactions is fixed.
  • Two extra fields in the order list/transaction list (total value and total quantity per order) will be added.
  • Megaventory will redirect logged out users to the requested page instead of the home page
  • Graphs are now included and populated in the reports. Separate graph pages have been taken out.
  • A feature will be included to break the Y axis by scale breaks so as to remove useless space that appears when values have a significant difference in magnitude.

Of course, the above list is not complete. We'll include some more bug corrections and hopefully -if everything goes well- we'll include a more sophisticated local currency reporting. One more week to go!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New upgrade: Megaventory v0.99.a goes live

Hi there,

just three week after our 0.99 upgrade we introduce a minor upgrade to cover the following issues:

  • New Page: Report5.aspx (Order Report)
    • Added a pivot table report for better order management and handling
  • New Feature: Report1.aspx (Product Movements), Report2aspx (Availability Levels), Report3.aspx (Inventory Value), Report4.aspx (Gross Profit), Report5.aspx (Order Report)
    • Added the ability to filter and save reports by current month or today's data (Report1.aspx, Report4.aspx, Report5.aspx)
    • Added the ability to display the report in local currency (Report3.aspx, Report4.aspx, Report5.aspx). More sophisticated local currency reporting will follow in the next MV upgrade 0.99.b
  • New Design: Homepage Admin Dashboard
    • A more inclusive dashboard has been made available to administrators in the home page and some dashboard design issues have been adressed for better display in lower screen resolutions and mobile devices.
  • New Design, Feature and Fix: Inout.aspx
    • Feature: A field to display available quantities per SKU when entering a Sales Order or an outbound transaction has been added.
    • Fix: The SKU data are correctly inserted in the transaction form if the SKU is edited and inserted without pressing tab or clicking anywhere else in the home page.
    • Design: The transaction/order form has been improved in design, making the transaction form more functional
  • New feature: Orderlist.aspx
    • The checkboxes in the orderlist regarding Open and Fully shipped have been replaced with "Radio Buttons" (Open and Fully shipped are mutually exclusive)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Megaventory v0.99 is live!

Hello there,

megaventory has just been upgraded to version 0.99. This upgrade mainly introduces the multiple currency feature and fixes some report issues. Some cool new features as well! If you want to see megaventory live, visit megaventory for a demo (or setup a trial account). Well, here is the list:
  • New Feature: Report1.aspx (Product Movements), Report2aspx (Availability Levels), Report3.aspx (Inventory Value), Report4.aspx (Gross Profit)
    • Added the ability to share to account users -or keep private- the saved report configurations.
    • Added the ability to export the report with the saved name (the report name was static when exported).
    • Added the ability to set permissions as per inventory point and as per supplier/client to reports. Users will see only data which depending on the supplier/client and inventory point the administrator of the account give them access to.
  • New Feature: Report3.aspx (Inventory Value)
    • Added unit costs columns and also a column to display value based on average costing.
  • New Fix: Report4.aspx (Gross Profit)
    • The Gross Profit report is now based on the average costing method (users that have already saved some report configurations under the Report4.aspx page, will have to reconfigure and save again).
  • New Feature: Warehouse.aspx, Warehousedit.aspx
    • The ability to associate inventory points with local currencies has been added. Inbound/outbound transactions associated with these inventory points will include a currency field and an exchange rate field. Users will be able to include products in local currencies.
  • New Feature and fixes: Inout.aspx
    • Feature - A field to account for different currencies has been added. The user may choose the secondary currency and associated exchange rate while issuing the transaction.
    • Fix - Stock discrepancy could occur in the rare case when the same transaction was open for editing in two different instances by the same or by different users. This is now fixed.
    • Fix - The supplier code was not updated if editing an existing transaction row. This is now fixed.
  • New generic features:
    • Added "kinky" backgrounds to help users increase their productivity when using megaventory! The choice is saved in a cookie so all future visits to the application will use the background chosen.
    • Replaced the Inventory point list box with a neat dropdown box.
    • Some design issues have been addressed regarding the display of megaventory on the iphone and similar mobile devices.
  • New Fix: Printinvoice.aspx
    • A security hole has been adressed and fixed.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Megaventory on the iphone


I came across a post for customizing a website to look better on mini displays such as the display of the iphone (well, this is the most famous mini display device today isn't it?).

It came out that things were more simple that I thought and a site can greatly improve its visibility by just adding a couple of lines in the code and then it is just pure -and simple- css. The coding includes adding a line in the header specifying the path to the iphone icon (has to be 57x57 .png file with 70ppi) and setting the zoom level of the website accordingly. Okay, megaventory is not a native iphone application but, having done some css work, it looks and feels so much better on the iphone than before; all unnecessary information has been taken out by using a separate css file and whats left are the essentials!

So, all iphone users out there, you can now run your business on-the-go!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Megaventory v0.98 is live!

Hello there,

megaventory has just been upgraded to version 0.98. This is a major upgrade with many cool new features and some minor bug fixes. If you want to see those features live, visit megaventory for a demo (or setup a trial account). Well, here is the list:
  • New Feature: Report1.aspx (Product Movements), Report2aspx (Availability Levels), Report3.aspx (Inventory Value), Report4aspx (Gross Profit)
    • Added helptips to pages
    • Added the ability to save report configurations. Report configurations can now be saved and assigned a unique ID. URL can be copied to clipboard and easily shared to facilitate the report distribution. Up to 10 reports per report type can be saved.
  • New Generic Features:
    • Prime currency has been added. The currency is visible to the transactions/ordering page and in reports
    • The ability to add a company logo (image) has be added. The logo is visible to the printout of a transaction or an order.
    • There is now complete separation between a supplier and a client in megaventory. This effects the issue of transactions/orders as well as other Supplier related pages throughout the megaventory application.
    • Various design improvements throughout the application.
  • Improved: Products.aspx (products), Categories.aspx (Product Categories), Warehouse.aspx (inventory points), Suppliers/Clients (Suppliers.aspx), Transaction Types (Transactions.aspx)
    • Added the ability to edit the item (product, product category etc) directly by its name. Doing that resulted in one less column in grid.
  • New feature and Fix: Printinvoice.aspx (transaction / order printout)
    • User has the option to hide/show the EAN and Supplier SKU columns.
    • The texts 'Print this page' and 'Cancel' are now not visible in the final printout.
  • Fixed: ProductImport.aspx (Data Import)
    • CSVs can now be comma delimited or semicolon delimited to account for various regional settings in MS excel or similar spreadsheet software.
  • New Feature: Warehousestock.aspx (My Inventory)
    • The ability for the user to introduce Alarm levels per SKU per Inventory point has been added. The user can set alarm levels and choose to display only those SKUs that are under a predefined stock level per inventory point or per a combination of inventory points.
  • New Feature and fix: Inout.aspx (Transactions/Ordering)
    • The ability to on-the-fly issue a chosen inbound or outbound transaction when the user changes the order state to fully shipped has been added. The issued transaction is an exact copy of the order
    • When editing a past issued transaction the user could replace an existing SKU with another SKU or delete a row containing an SKU. If this replacement/deletion results in the replaced/deleted SKU to go negative stock this is now checked and forbidden (this procedure was not checked before and could result in some SKUs going to negative stock when they were edited in an already issued transaction).
    • User could insert a previously deleted SKU in the invoice. This is now fixed
  • Fixed: BackupRestore.aspx (Backup/Restore Database)
    • The database was restoring no matter of the users choice in the warning pop-up textbox. This is now fixed to restore only on positive choice.
  • Fixed: Transaction types (transactions.aspx)
    • Generic inbound, Generic outbound, Sales Order, Purchase Order start their numbering from 1 and not 0 as was the case before.

Refer to our previous blog (in facebook: megaventory) for a list of the features of previous megaventory versions.

Friday, July 3, 2009