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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Megaventory v0.98 is live!

Hello there,

megaventory has just been upgraded to version 0.98. This is a major upgrade with many cool new features and some minor bug fixes. If you want to see those features live, visit megaventory for a demo (or setup a trial account). Well, here is the list:
  • New Feature: Report1.aspx (Product Movements), Report2aspx (Availability Levels), Report3.aspx (Inventory Value), Report4aspx (Gross Profit)
    • Added helptips to pages
    • Added the ability to save report configurations. Report configurations can now be saved and assigned a unique ID. URL can be copied to clipboard and easily shared to facilitate the report distribution. Up to 10 reports per report type can be saved.
  • New Generic Features:
    • Prime currency has been added. The currency is visible to the transactions/ordering page and in reports
    • The ability to add a company logo (image) has be added. The logo is visible to the printout of a transaction or an order.
    • There is now complete separation between a supplier and a client in megaventory. This effects the issue of transactions/orders as well as other Supplier related pages throughout the megaventory application.
    • Various design improvements throughout the application.
  • Improved: Products.aspx (products), Categories.aspx (Product Categories), Warehouse.aspx (inventory points), Suppliers/Clients (Suppliers.aspx), Transaction Types (Transactions.aspx)
    • Added the ability to edit the item (product, product category etc) directly by its name. Doing that resulted in one less column in grid.
  • New feature and Fix: Printinvoice.aspx (transaction / order printout)
    • User has the option to hide/show the EAN and Supplier SKU columns.
    • The texts 'Print this page' and 'Cancel' are now not visible in the final printout.
  • Fixed: ProductImport.aspx (Data Import)
    • CSVs can now be comma delimited or semicolon delimited to account for various regional settings in MS excel or similar spreadsheet software.
  • New Feature: Warehousestock.aspx (My Inventory)
    • The ability for the user to introduce Alarm levels per SKU per Inventory point has been added. The user can set alarm levels and choose to display only those SKUs that are under a predefined stock level per inventory point or per a combination of inventory points.
  • New Feature and fix: Inout.aspx (Transactions/Ordering)
    • The ability to on-the-fly issue a chosen inbound or outbound transaction when the user changes the order state to fully shipped has been added. The issued transaction is an exact copy of the order
    • When editing a past issued transaction the user could replace an existing SKU with another SKU or delete a row containing an SKU. If this replacement/deletion results in the replaced/deleted SKU to go negative stock this is now checked and forbidden (this procedure was not checked before and could result in some SKUs going to negative stock when they were edited in an already issued transaction).
    • User could insert a previously deleted SKU in the invoice. This is now fixed
  • Fixed: BackupRestore.aspx (Backup/Restore Database)
    • The database was restoring no matter of the users choice in the warning pop-up textbox. This is now fixed to restore only on positive choice.
  • Fixed: Transaction types (transactions.aspx)
    • Generic inbound, Generic outbound, Sales Order, Purchase Order start their numbering from 1 and not 0 as was the case before.

Refer to our previous blog (in facebook: megaventory) for a list of the features of previous megaventory versions.

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