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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Megaventory on the iphone


I came across a post for customizing a website to look better on mini displays such as the display of the iphone (well, this is the most famous mini display device today isn't it?).

It came out that things were more simple that I thought and a site can greatly improve its visibility by just adding a couple of lines in the code and then it is just pure -and simple- css. The coding includes adding a line in the header specifying the path to the iphone icon (has to be 57x57 .png file with 70ppi) and setting the zoom level of the website accordingly. Okay, megaventory is not a native iphone application but, having done some css work, it looks and feels so much better on the iphone than before; all unnecessary information has been taken out by using a separate css file and whats left are the essentials!

So, all iphone users out there, you can now run your business on-the-go!

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