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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Megaventory v0.99 is live!

Hello there,

megaventory has just been upgraded to version 0.99. This upgrade mainly introduces the multiple currency feature and fixes some report issues. Some cool new features as well! If you want to see megaventory live, visit megaventory for a demo (or setup a trial account). Well, here is the list:
  • New Feature: Report1.aspx (Product Movements), Report2aspx (Availability Levels), Report3.aspx (Inventory Value), Report4.aspx (Gross Profit)
    • Added the ability to share to account users -or keep private- the saved report configurations.
    • Added the ability to export the report with the saved name (the report name was static when exported).
    • Added the ability to set permissions as per inventory point and as per supplier/client to reports. Users will see only data which depending on the supplier/client and inventory point the administrator of the account give them access to.
  • New Feature: Report3.aspx (Inventory Value)
    • Added unit costs columns and also a column to display value based on average costing.
  • New Fix: Report4.aspx (Gross Profit)
    • The Gross Profit report is now based on the average costing method (users that have already saved some report configurations under the Report4.aspx page, will have to reconfigure and save again).
  • New Feature: Warehouse.aspx, Warehousedit.aspx
    • The ability to associate inventory points with local currencies has been added. Inbound/outbound transactions associated with these inventory points will include a currency field and an exchange rate field. Users will be able to include products in local currencies.
  • New Feature and fixes: Inout.aspx
    • Feature - A field to account for different currencies has been added. The user may choose the secondary currency and associated exchange rate while issuing the transaction.
    • Fix - Stock discrepancy could occur in the rare case when the same transaction was open for editing in two different instances by the same or by different users. This is now fixed.
    • Fix - The supplier code was not updated if editing an existing transaction row. This is now fixed.
  • New generic features:
    • Added "kinky" backgrounds to help users increase their productivity when using megaventory! The choice is saved in a cookie so all future visits to the application will use the background chosen.
    • Replaced the Inventory point list box with a neat dropdown box.
    • Some design issues have been addressed regarding the display of megaventory on the iphone and similar mobile devices.
  • New Fix: Printinvoice.aspx
    • A security hole has been adressed and fixed.

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