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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Megaventory v0.99b

Megaventory has now reached 0.99b (one version before v1.0!). This time we have added some very nice features (such as the integration of charts and reports) but we also focused on fixing some bugs. Here is the list (and is big!)
  • New Features and Fixes: Report1.aspx (Product Movements), Report2.aspx (Availability Levels), Report3.aspx (Inventory Value), Report4.aspx (Gross Profit), Report5.aspx (Order Report)
    • Charts added in the each report page. Chart data are populated according to the filters chosen in the pivot table by the user and can be printed directly from the browser. As a result of This improvement chart1.aspx and chart2.aspx have been removed and so these pages are no longer visible in user permissions (editpermissions.aspx) or in the megaventory menu. All database have been updated to account for this change (feature).
    • The Y (vertical) axis of the charts includes scale breaks so as to remove useless space that appear when values have a significant difference in magnitude (feature).
    • Change options in reports so that the PDF export includes more content in a single page because it prints in landscape mode (feature).
    • The reports are now confined in width in the case that there are many data that expand the table horizontally (fix).
    • Save current date was giving a warning in some cases. This is resolved (fix).
  • New Features and Fix: Printinvoice.aspx
    • Currency info is now displayed in the printout of the transaction/order (feature).
    • Extra columns appear according to transaction type and user requirements (feature).
    • The URL of the transaction/order is included in the footer of the printed transaction/order. The URL is admissible according to user permissions accessing the URL (feature).
    • Users are redirected in the homepage in case the printout does not exist (fix).
  • New Features and Redesign: Homepage (Tutorial and Dashboard)
    • Added an extended tutorial to cover a Transaction (or Purchase/Sales Order) and user creation when a user subscribes to megaventory.
    • A supplier/Client is created in the homepage tutorial rather than just a supplier. By doing that, the user will be able to issue both a Sales and a Purchase Order while in the tutorial.
    • The Dashboard is now made available to all not only admins. As a result, the links and link groups of the dashboard are visible according to the user permissions. As a result the text "My admin dashboard" changed to "My dashboard".
  • New Design, Feature and Fix: Inout.aspx
    • In case two simultaneous transaction/order forms are opened in two same instances of the same browser, data could mix up. This has been fixed.
    • The "ongoing loading" issue in Chrome and Safari browsers that was occuring while issuing orders/transactions has been fixed.
  • New Generic Features:
    • Helptips have been added to specific pages to help new users while in the tutorial.
    • The megaventory font changed from Verdana to Tahoma, made bolder and bigger.
    • The megaventory homepage has been redesigned.
    • If a URL is requested and the user is logged out, the user is redirected to the requested URL upon successful login.
    • Encrypted Login & Password while logging in.
    • The css file is compressed and optimized.
  • New Feature: TransactionsEdit.aspx
    • added extra transaction options in transactions. These options control the visibility of specific columns in transaction/order forms according to the user preferences. As a result, these extra transactions options were also added in the grid of transactions.aspx
  • Fix: Productedit.aspx, Producteditmasterfree.aspx
    • took out the requirement of EAN to be strictly numbers.
  • New Feature and Fix: Orderlist.aspx, InvoiceList.aspx
    • Order status appear correctly with their translated text when the grid is exported (fix).
    • Added two extra fields in the order list (and transactions list) to account for the total value and the total quantity per order (feature).
  • Fix: SupplierEdit.aspx
    • A text field was changed.
  • Fix: Categoriesedit.aspx, Supplieredit.aspx
    • In case there is only one category (or supplier) the dropdown list is non-enabled. User can only delete child products or leave child products unassigned.
  • Fix: Producteditmasterfree.aspx
    • The validation of 10 characters for SKU has been taken out. The correct validation of 20 characters has been assigned to the SKU form.

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