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Monday, October 19, 2009

A sneak peek of whats to come in version 0.99b

Here we are again with a sneak peek of what will be included in megaventory 0.99b (seems we're really afraid to move on to version 1.0!). The upgrade is scheduled for Sunday 25th Oct.

  • Currency info will now be displayed in the printout of the invoice/order/transaction. Moreover, extra columns (image, remarks) appear according to transaction type and user requirements.
  • Export options will be changed so that the PDF export (printout) will include more content in a single page in reports (will print in landscape mode).
  • Transactions/orders will include extra transaction options so that the transaction form may display -or not- certain columns.
  • The tutorial will be extended to cover transaction, PO/SO and user creation. This will definitely make megaventory modules easier to understand.
  • Dashboard link visibility is controlled by permissions and the dashboard will be made available to all not only administrators.
  • The issue-bug of Chrome and Safari browsers while issuing orders/transactions is fixed.
  • Two extra fields in the order list/transaction list (total value and total quantity per order) will be added.
  • Megaventory will redirect logged out users to the requested page instead of the home page
  • Graphs are now included and populated in the reports. Separate graph pages have been taken out.
  • A feature will be included to break the Y axis by scale breaks so as to remove useless space that appears when values have a significant difference in magnitude.

Of course, the above list is not complete. We'll include some more bug corrections and hopefully -if everything goes well- we'll include a more sophisticated local currency reporting. One more week to go!

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