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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Megaventory Upgrade to Version 1.2

We just upgraded to version 1.2 of megaventory and we are proud to introduce some very exciting features such as the addition of Order Approval -which greatly simplifies procurement in large companies or organizations- or the mechanism to upload transactions by using a csv file. On top of those, we added two new account types to cope with the requirements of our large clients. As usual, we fix some bugs. Here is the long list:
  • New Account Types and discontinuance of the Basic (free) Account: (Generic)
    • Two new account types have been introduced to megaventory. The Enterprise Account supports up to 30 users, 20.000 SKUs and 15 Inventory locations. The Corporate Account supports up to 100 users, 50.000 SKUs and 20 Inventory locations. In the same context, the Basic (free) Account will stop to exist but users already subscribed to the Basic Account will still receive their services for free. Finally the Trial Account is now a 30 day trial (instead of 10 day trial) and creates a Premium Account (instead of a Premium+ Account).
  • New Order Approval Feature: inout.aspx (Purchase Order form page)
    • A Purchase Order approval is introduced to megaventory. This includes a complete approval history and an embedded alerting (by emails) function to notify users involved in the Order Approval process
  • New Transactions Import Feature and Bug Fixes: ProductImport.aspx (Data Import page)
    • Feature: We developed a simple mechanism to upload transactions to megaventory which is using an Excel Template to be saved as a csv file and eventually get imported to megaventory. This can be helpful in companies already using an invoicing/Ordering system since now, they can export their invoices/orders/transactions and import them to megaventory in under a minute!
    • Bug Fix: The Tax and email field is added to the excel files (in supplier/client import)
    • Bug Fix: Updated some text in the excel files (import) because of introduced changes in the customization strings of the application
  • New Feature and Bug Fix: inout.aspx (Transaction - PO/SO Form page)
    • Feature: A new design is introduced in the transactions/order form. The SKU textbox gets focus automatically when the row is opened (no mouse action is required). We expect this feature to speed up the whole transaction/ordering process. In the same context, the quantity is automatically set to 1 (the field was empty before).
    • Bug Fix: A user with slow connection could click save multiple times when saving an order or a transaction. This could result in availability discrepancies (Gross Profit was not affected). This is now fixed. Two transactions of one megaventory account were affected by this bug and respective stocks of 7 products were reverted to their correct values.
  • New Feature: EditUser.aspx (Edit/Delete User page)
    • The email field been added in the Edit User page and is now editable.
  • Tutorial Bug (Home Page)
    • The tutorial was still showing the 1st tutorial part even-though the user has completed all required tutorial steps. This is now fixed.
  • New Feature and Bug Fixes: OrderList.aspx/InvoiceList.aspx (Order List & Transactions List page)
    • Bug Fix: The Total Value was not displaying possible discounts and taxes. This is now fixed.
    • Bug Fix: The Total Value/Quantity (in the transactions list) text can now be customized by the user.
    • New Feature: A column that displays the link of the uploaded document/file has been introduced to the list.
  • Bug Fix: Warehousestock.aspx (My Inventory page)
    • The user was not able to export individual location stocks in 'my inventory pages. This is now fixed.
  • New Feature: Report1.aspx (Product Movement Report)
    • The weight is now added in the Products Movement report page to help businesses dealing with bulk quantities.
  • Bug Fix: PrintInvoice.aspx
    • The supplier code was not displayed. This is now fixed.
  • New Feature: InvoiceMid.aspx (Create New Transaction/Order page)
    • A user is now able to add a new supplier/client, a new transaction type or a new location on the fly by clicking the (+) image.
  • Bug Fix: StockTrace.aspx (Trace My Availability Changes page)
    • The clear filter option was not displayed in the grid. This is now fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Generic
    • A bug prevented the URL parameters to redirect the user to the correct page when the session was lost or if the user was coming from an external page. This is now fixed.
That is all for the time being. Next scheduled upgrade will take place in 2-3 weeks with some exciting new features!

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