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Monday, December 20, 2010

Megaventory new exciting features!

We have been silent in the blog lately but that does not mean we are not active in megaventory. In fact it is quite the opposite: we are so busy developing megaventory that we do not find time to blog! Below you will find some of the major features of versions 2.1, 2.2 and the last 2.3 :

  • A new splash-screen (homepage) has been designed. The login page has been transferred to a clean separate page without images & brand logo
  • The live demo pages are now directly accessible from the menu (no typing is required)
  • All images have been added to an image sprite to increase the megaventory response time
  • All client side code (Javascript) has been merged to one file to increase the megaventory response/loading time
  • All Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) files have been merged to one file to increase he megaventory response/loading time
  • A backup number restriction has been set to restrict users from taking an indefinite number of backups
  • All grids and reports are now exportable by a single click in the associated export filetype button
  • The product Import now includes a default supplier and a product category column
  • More Product attribute columns have been added to the On-Hand availability page
  • When a new user is set-up by the administrator, the system can automatically email the new user with his/her username and password
  • The Transaction/Order/Invoice form has been completely redesigned to speed up the form filling process (60-80% faster data entry)
  • The drilldown details of reports have been made customizable (columns may be added) and exportable
  • A calendar filter has been added in reports. Users can now filter by Current Month, Previous Month and Today.
  • The report graph has been made exportable in PDF,Excel & Image (png) formats
  • A new searchbox has been added in the dashboard page. It quickly fetches SKU related information (availability and Orders/Transactions) from the database.
  • The User Permissions page has been improved in terms of usability and speed.
  • When the user selects Location and Supplier/Client, prior to an Order or a Transaction, a business workflow image gets populated automatically to assist the user in understanding the options chosen

Next but not last, we will be very busy developing a manufacturing related module (Work Order from raw materials to produce finished goods) during the holiday season. We'll keep you updated on that!