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Monday, January 2, 2012

Why megaventory?

In some previous posts, we have covered the business software basics. For a review, see series of blog posts on what is ERP, why you need ERP, how to choose ERP and why cloud ERP is better. We also posted a very interesting study regarding business software adoption and what’s necessary for people to use ERP. The time has come to see how does megaventory stack up against those criteria and help you decide whether megaventory is the right tool for your business or organization. 

For the sake of argument let’s assume you run an imaginary company, MegaComp Corporation, a 9-employee company in the apparel industry spread in 4 locations within North America with worldwide operations. Your MegaComp Corporation has not been around that long but it’s enough to start feeling the pain of holding it all together using Excel or Google Docs. As such, you are on the market for a solution to organize your business primarily in terms of inventory & order management.

Features: Megaventory lies in the sweet spot between features and usability. We are not SAP, Oracle or Netsuite and we don’t want to be like them. They are designed to cover large enterprises with hundreds of different operations. Small businesses like  yours have completely different needs: you need a set of features to run MegaComp Corporation effectively but not such a heavy set that will distract you from getting the job done. The features should primarily aim at tracking the flow of inventory and the changes from sales and purchases. All interactions between MegaComp Corporation and your clients and suppliers should be handled and logged in a simple and easy manner. At the same time, a good reporting tool will give insights about which products sell best or worst, their availability and total inventory value - to name just a few of the figures you, as a manager, might need.

Data visualisation & export: Megaventory provides a pleasant and helpful platform where you and your employees can easily understand and follow through on what’s going on in the company at any given time. Obviously, the data should also be easily exportable in all common formats for use outside the application, for example by collaborators.

Usability: We have put a lot of effort to keep the learning curve of megaventory as low as possible with a design that is so simple and subtle that it doesn’t get in the way. Explanatory diagrams are important in the layout and bring to life what’s going on when someone performs an action. Online help tips provide on the spot clarifications eliminating almost any need to contact support. The initial set-up tutorial of megaventory is self descriptive and -at the same time- explain the basic functionalities of the software.
Security: The industry standard is present in with 128-bit encryption being used for login and data transfers while daily & weekly server backups provide insurance against disaster. All in all, we address most concerns a small business owner might have for his business data.
Data import: The usual approach of uploading a CSV with the various company data is available while we also offer spreadsheet templates which make data import as effortless and fast as humanly possible.

Maintenance: Since works purely on the cloud we take all of your maintenance worries off your mind and we handle everything in the background including hardware and software upgrades, repairs and backups. Other than that, there is email support for those rare times that something does go wrong or needs clarifying – and of course we’re available on this blog and Twitter!

Miscellaneous:  In the latest update, we are pushing the necessary feature of partial sales and purchases and we’ll introduce history logs along with a number of other features. It is also worth mentioning that megaventory supports 8 languages other than English and can be seamlessly used from a tablet platform.

Cost: Our pricing is probably the sweetest asset of with starting packages going for as little as USD29/month for 5 users & 5 locations making it ideal for your MegaComp or any other small and medium business. That is as low as 6 dollars per user per month. You simply cannot get a better deal than that.

Megaventory scores high in all major points! It offers a feature-set that covers most needs of a typical multi-location small business while at the same time enabling a super rapid adoption due to our expertly designed user interface.

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