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Thursday, April 5, 2012

New feature - Sales Order APIs launched!

We are pleased to announce that three API functions have just been released for the CSV, JSV, JSON, XML, and SOAP protocols. The API functions are related to:

  • Retrieving Sales Orders [API name: SalesOrderGet]
  • Inserting & Updating Sales Orders [API name: SalesOrderUpdate]
  • Cancelling Sales Orders [API name: SalesOrderCancel]

With those in place, a developer can integrate a 3rd party shopping cart software to megaventory and gain access to the most powerful inventory & order management cloud based software for small and very small businesses.

The APIs can be found at: and here's a screenshot with the new 3 functions:
Sales Order APIs

We are committed to improving the way small businesses operate! New APIs for Purchase Orders and Inventory Documents are next in the release queue.

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