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Monday, June 25, 2012

Customer perspective: how benefits from Megaventory

This is the second in the series of posts where we present our customers and talk a bit about their business and especially how running our Megaventory ERP improves their business cycle.

We’ve already done and next up is

At first glance,, seems like an ordinary eshop - but look deeper and there’s quite a bit more.

For one thing, the merchandise is both mainstream but also quite unique: special leather smartphone cases, wallets and keyrings! And by special we mean cowhide, pony, talapia (!), ostrich and stingray leather!

In a sense, this e-shop is a textbook case of how to target an appropriate market in e-commerce. Pick something popular and common (like a smartphone case or a wallet) and combine it with something niche (main material of the product are exotic leathers) while at the same time offering something not in the market (e.g. additional colors for the smartphone cases)

For another thing, marketing wise the e-shop is another typical example of how things are done in e-commerce. The site is carefully optimized for search engines (e.g. comes first when searching for “talapia phone case”), there is an open newsletter/email channel with prospective customers, a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, and of course a blog informing possible customers about its products and its industry. Presumably a pay-per-click ad campaign is also running in certain geographies too.

Furthermore, handling materials and finished goods across the entire product range - even if in the case of it is just a couple dozens - in order to be done properly needs a minimum amount of organization.

Add to this, the more than one location the company needs to handle and the right business software is a necessity:

"I was looking for an inventory management cloud solution to be able to monitor and maintain my product inventory among a variety of locations. I needed to have a solution that was intuitive, comprehensive, reliable and affordable. Megaventory filled the bill and more."

Overall, if a successful, even if simple, typical online business like the eshop is a nice fit to a business software solution like, it’s very likely to be a fit for a wide range of other similar businesses - perhaps even yours.

And again, if you are a customer of us and would like your story to be told contact us and we’ll arrange a post on this blog.

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