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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Megaventory July 2012 Upgrade (code named: Thessaloniki)

We have a few breaking changes and some exciting new features coming to Megaventory this July on Sunday the 15th. Here is the list:

1. Export Data module
to ease data export of Documents (Purchase Orders, Goods In, Purchase Invoices, Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Goods Out, Sales Invoices, Goods Return to Supplier, Goods Return from Client, Goods Transfer) from a single point in Megaventory, we have added a new module that requires minimal effort to export all -or- specific document data in excel or CSV format. This is particular handy if you'd like to send Sales and Purchasing data to your favourite accounting software. Here's how the new module looks:

The all-new Data Export module

The new page is available only to account administrators and can be found under the Admin menu.

2. Cancellation of Documents
This feature allows for cancellation of verified Goods Inbound/Outbound, Sales/Purchase Invoices, Goods Return and Goods Transfer documents. The new functionality can be found under the 'more' options at the Document header.
The new 'Cancellation' feature in verified Documents
This option reverts the effect of the verified document (stock/costs/revenues). The document remains in the database as Cancelled and cannot be edited further.

3. Easier Selection of Supplier/Client while creating a document.
We have replaced the drop-down option with an easier to use (and faster) text box. Supplier and Clients can now be fetched based on their Name, Tax ID, Telephone and e-mail.
Supplier/Client Selection while creating Documents
We have also dealt with more than 20 minor bugs and have improved the efficiency of the code. That translates to faster response times throughout Megaventory.

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