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Monday, August 20, 2012

Business software should mean customization - Printout templates.

Most of the feedback we get from time to time refers to the level of customization that megaventory provides to the end user. In fact this is also one of the main points the Pemeco Consulting and VM associates have made in the respective presentation posts in our blog: "match the software to the requirements of your business and not vice-versa".

In this post we'll see how one can customize the appearance of the document printouts. If you are unfamiliar with megaventory, a document can be a Order (Sales/Purchase), a Sales Quote, a Goods In/Out or a Sales/Purchase Invoice.

Megaventory provides a very convenient way to fully customize the looks of Documents (Goods Out/In, Invoices, Sales Quotes, Sales/Purchase Orders). To do so, navigate to the list of your Document Types and click on the Document Type description to open up a specific Document Type. Once the page loads, check to enable the Custom Header (or Custom Footer) and add your HTML code in the HTML tab. Specific text strings are replaced as follows:

  • xxxLOGOxxx - Replaced by the logo of your company.
  • xxxLABEL_TRANS_DATExxx - Replaced by "Document Date" or "Order Date" or "Quote Date", according to the Document Type.
  • xxxTRANS_DATExxx - Replaced by the date that the Document was created.
  • xxxLABEL_TRANS_NAMExxx - Replaced by "Document Number".
  • xxxTRANS_NAMExxx - Replaced by the Description of the Document Type that gets printed
  • xxxLABEL_TRANS_NUMBERxxx - Replaced by "Document Number".
  • xxxTRANS_NUMBERxxx - Replaced by the Document number.
  • xxxLABEL_WAREHOUSExxx - Replaced by "Inventory Location".
  • xxxWARE_NAMExxx - Replaced by the Inventory Location name.
  • xxxLABEL_CUSTOM_DATE_1xxx - Replaced by "Custom Document Date 1" or "Custom Order Date 1" or "Custom Quote Date 1", according to the Document Type.
  • xxxCUSTOM_DATE_1xxx - Replaced by the Custom Date 1 field the user has entered in the Document.
  • xxxLABEL_CUSTOM_DATE_2xxx - Replaced by "Custom Document Date 2" or "Custom Order Date 2" or "Custom Quote Date 2", according to the Document Type.
  • xxxCUSTOM_DATE_2xxx - Replaced by the Custom Date 2 field the user has entered in the Document.
  • xxxLABEL_PAYMENT_TERMSxxx - Replaced by "Payment Terms".
  • xxxPAYMENT_TERMSxxx - Replaced by the Payment Terms the user has entered in the Document.
  • xxxLABEL_COMPANY_NAMExxx - Replaced by "Company".
  • xxxCOMPANY_NAMExxx - Replaced by the name of your company.
  • xxxLABEL_COMPANY_ADDRESSxxx - Replaced by "Address".
  • xxxCOMPANY_ADDRESSxxx - Replaced by the street address of your company.
  • xxxLABEL_COMPANY_CITYxxx - Replaced by "City".
  • xxxCOMPANY_CITYxxx - Replaced by the city of your company.
  • xxxLABEL_COMPANY_ZIPxxx - Replaced by "Zip".
  • xxxCOMPANY_ZIPxxx - Replaced by the zip code of your company.
  • xxxLABEL_COMPANY_COUNTRYxxx - Replaced by "Country".
  • xxxCOMPANY_COUNTRYxxx - Replaced by the country of your company.
  • xxxLABEL_COMPANY_TELxxx - Replaced by "Phone".
  • xxxCOMPANY_TELxxx - Replaced by the telephone number of your company.
  • xxxLABEL_COMPANY_TAXIDxxx - Replaced by "Tax ID".
  • xxxCOMPANY_TAXIDxxx - Replaced by the tax ID of your company.
  • xxxLABEL_CUSTOMER_NAMExxx - Replaced by "Client" or "Supplier" according to the Document Type.
  • xxxCUSTOMER_NAMExxx - Replaced by the Customer/Supplier name the user has entered in the Document.
  • xxxLABEL_CUSTOMER_ADDRESSxxx - Replaced by "Address" or "Billing Address" according to the Document Type.
  • xxxCUSTOMER_ADDRESSxxx - Replaced by the Customer/Supplier address the user has entered in the Document.
  • xxxLABEL_CUSTOMER_SHIP_ADDRESSxxx - Replaced by "Pickup Address" or "Shipping Address" according to the Document Type.
  • xxxCUSTOMER_SHIP_ADDRESSxxx - Replaced by the Customer/Supplier shipping/picking address the user has entered in the Document.
  • xxxLABEL_CUSTOMER_TELxxx - Replaced by "Phone".
  • xxxCUSTOMER_TELxxx - Replaced by the Customer/Supplier telephone number.
  • xxxLABEL_CUSTOMER_EMAILxxx - Replaced by "e-mail".
  • xxxRECIPEMAILxxx - Replaced by the Customer/Supplier email.
  • xxxLABEL_CUSTOMER_TAXIDxxx - Replaced by "Tax ID".
  • xxxCUSTOMER_TAXIDxxx - Replaced by the Customer/Supplier tax ID.
  • xxxLABEL_CUSTOMER_COMMENTSxxx - Replaced by "Supplier Comments" or "Client Comments" according to the Document Type.
  • xxxCUSTOMER_COMMENTSxxx - Replaced by the Customer/Supplier comments.
  • xxxLABEL_TRANS_COMMENTSxxx - Replaced by "Document Comments" or "Order Comments" or "Sales Quote Comments" according to the Document Type.
  • xxxTRANS_COMMENTSxxx - Replaced by the comments the user has entered in the Document.
So, here you go! Now, you are only limited by your creativity! As an example, let's see a simple header template below:

Sales Order
SO Number: 54
MegaFilms (fictional)
Tel: (434) 123 4567
Sales Store: San Fransisco 1
Sales Order Date: 17 Aug 2012
Sales To:
mr. John Smith
15 George Tsapel st.
Shipping Address: 22 High St., City, Zip, Country
(413)335 5663
Ship From:
My Company's Address
My Company's City
My Company's Zip
My Company's Country

So, enough said! Happy Customizing!

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