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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Looking up stock availability in your ERP

This is a quick post showing how easy it should be (and it is with megaventory!) to handle a very common task that hopefully you should have to do all the time.

Say for example you’re working and an email arrives or - even better the phone rings - and a customer or possible customer of yours is asking whether you have ‘Our Family Wine’ in stock.

Obviously, it’s crucial both to provide them with an answer as soon as possible - preferably within a few minutes if by email or without even putting them on hold if by phone. Any delays past what’s expected might mean a lost customer.

So how would you be able to do that in a few moments?

To give an answer to your customer just click on Inventory - as expected - from the main menu.

Once there the simpler way is to start typing in the top left corner the name of the item you’re looking for. Before you’ve finished searching you’ll have found what you’re looking for in most of the cases!

Just hit enter and you’ll be able to see a list of all the relevant results. In particular, in the column ‘Detailed Inventory’ you can see that the location ‘Ath’ has 150 bottles of ‘Our Family Wine’ the customer is asking for. It’s that simple and it took less than one minute to find it - even the most demanding customers won’t have a problem with that...

In addition to this simple search, you can look for example by location of your inventory (if, e.g. the customer mentioned their city you could look first in the location nearer him) or by supplier (again following a similar reasoning).

This process is exactly what’s regularly happening in Eshanima Fabrics:

Customer calls and we can give live stock availability figures.”,

Eshanima Fabrics is a South Africa-based small business selling fabric for almost 30 years now with four locations in the country covering the national market. Their product range spans pure linen, premium design fabrics and print base fabrics among others with a wide variety of collections in their inventory.

So a common scenario would be for someone to look them up online (after a Google search or a word of mouth reference), find their site and give them a call asking for the availability and the location of a particular piece of fabric for their project or business. That’s when a quick inventory lookup can turn a prospective client to a satisfied customer

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