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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Megaventory September 2012 Upgrade (code named: Verbania)

New features are coming to Megaventory on Sunday the 9th of September. Here is the list:

1. Clipboard

This is a totally new layer of functionality that allows products to be added to a Clipboard and be pasted to Documents (sales/purchase orders, goods in/out etc.). The Clipboard is noticeable by a small icon in the lower left of the screen as it can be seen in the screen-shot below:

To access the clipboard from any page, just click on the Clipboard icon

To Pin products to the Clipboard, one has to select the products from a list and click the Pin option. After pinning the products, a small notification icon is added which displays the number of products pinned and the product list is populated inside the Clipboard.

To add/pin products to the Clipboard select the products and click the Pin option

Once you are done adding products to the Clipboard, you can paste them in any New/Unsaved or Pending Document. To do so, just click on the Clipboard icon and select the Paste option.

To Paste the contents of the Clipboard, open any new or Pending Document and click Paste

That's it! Products will now be added to the document on-the-fly, saving you time and effort. The clipboard is so flexible and dynamic, you may even Pin products to it  from any Document:

Pinning Products to the Clipboard from a Document

this is extremely handy if -for example- one needs to copy the full contents of a Sales Order to a Purchase Order.

2. Addition of Invoices in the Account/Billing Profile

We have added a list to include all your payments (Billing History) to Megaventory and a link to print those Invoices. Just visit your Account/Billing Profile (under the Admin tab) to access them:
To print your past invoices, click the Print Invoice link next to the required payment date

Apart from the features listed above, as always, we've worked hard to eliminate bugs; more than 30 minor bugs have been fixed in this upgrade.

To have your say related to this upgrade, just use the comments section below!

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