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Monday, February 11, 2013

Megaventory February 2013 Upgrade

On Sunday the 17th of February we are releasing released a major upgrade that will introduced -amongst others- the Price Rules module.

The Price Rules module can be used to create rules that are based on the following parameters:

  • Currency chosen
  • Client/Supplier chosen
  • Products chosen (for example, this price is valid for certain products only, or for products under a specific product category) 
  • Quantity range (for example, this price is valid for a certain quantity range)
  • Date range (for example, this price is valid for a certain date range)

 Here is a screenshot of the definition of a Pricing Rule:
Pricing Rule definition

and this is how the Price Rules list looks:

The list of Pricing Rules

An interesting and handy feature is that each Price Rule can be exported to various formats and will include the final prices (based on the Price Rule formula) of the products included in it.

With the Price Rules module we also introduce the mechanism to make the pricing non-editable while creating a document. The user permissions for editing prices is controlled by the administrator of the account and can be set accordingly:

Setting the user permissions to allow for editing of prices while creating a document
This setting will be set by default to all our existing users so as to ease the transition to the upgraded Megaventory system. Then, each administrator can change -per account user- the setting as needed.

When creating a document, the user can see the Price Rule applied (per product row) by placing the mouse pointer over the price.

Placing the mouse pointer over the unit price will reveal the price rule applied

In this upgrade we introduce the notion of Default Purchase Price and we also link the products to multiple suppliers. Prior to the upcoming upgrade, each product was bound to only one main Supplier and to only one supplier price. With the upcoming upgrade, a product has a main Purchase price and multiple supplier prices (one for each supplier).

Finally, we are fixing fixed more than 35 minor bugs that have been reported to us!

The updated documentation manual (to include features related to the February 2013 upgrade) will be is available by Friday the 15th. As usual, it can be downloaded at:

[A downtime of ~2 hrs should be expected on Sunday the 17th of February starting at 5pm Central European Time] 


  1. when will you have update on having salesperson section for sales invoice? Therefore we could print out salesperson's monthly performance.

    1. Hello, thanks for the comment.

      You may add the Sales Person info in the Contact Person field of the document. Then, you may display that data in the Inventory Transactions and Invoices list page (under the Inventory tab). Once there, scroll down and click "Select Columns" and check to display the Contact Person. In the same page, you may also display the amounts of the invoices and filter by dates. That functionality can generate simple Sales Person reports.