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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Megaventory April 2013 Upgrade

On Sunday the 7th of April we are releasing a major upgrade that will introduce the following improvements/changes:

- Purchases Report

This new report displays data related to Purchase Invoice documents.

Purchases Report

The existing Gross Profit report will be renamed to Sales Report and its functionality will remain the same.

- List of Documents (Inventory Transactions and Invoices list, Sales Quotes list, Sales Orders list, Purchase Orders list)

The Related Documents and the Document History will be made available from the list of documents. Users will be able to instantly view these data without the need to opening each document individually. Moreover, users will be able to add a manual history entry (for example a comment) to the document.

Adding a manual entry in the history feed

- Adding extended barcode scanning support
A new option is made available that will allow users to use their barcode scanning devices without the need to touch the keyboard nor the mouse when adding rows to documents. When this option is chosen, the cursor will automatically move on to the next row after each scan. This option will be set per user of the account and will be accessible under the product form while creating a document. The codes recognized are the product SKU, the product EAN and the supplier SKU of the product.

The "Products are added using a barcode scanner" option will be found under the Product Details tab

- Adding the product quantity to the clipboard
This powerful new feature will allow copying products to the clipboard with their quantities. The feature can be used, for example, in copying all products from a sales order and pasting the products in a purchase order form.

The quantity field is added in the Clipboard

 - Populating the Inventory Taking spreadsheet with Clipboard items only
Users will now be able to populate the Inventory Taking spreadsheet by clipboard items only. This is handy in case quantity adjustments need to be performed on a few products only rather than the whole product list.

Users can populate the Inventory Taking spreadsheet by products on the Clipboard

- Improvements in Pricing Rules
  1. Adding the average cost as an option under the Base Price while creating a Sales Pricing Rules. This option will allow users to create a sales pricing rule using the average cost of products as the base price.
  2. Rounding Option in the base price. This will allow users to define the rounding method for the base price in a pricing rule

- Adding the address field in Inventory Locations
Inventory Locations will now include an extra field that can store the address of the inventory location. The address will also be visible in printouts.

- Adding the "Non-Allocated quantity in Work Orders" metric.
This metric will allow users to account for the quantity that is not yet allocated to Work Orders and thus, need to be ordered/purchased from a Supplier. The new metric will be visible in the On-Hand quantity and Alerts module.

Due to the many changes involved in this upgrade, a downtime of around 2 hrs is expected starting at 6PM GMT.