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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Customer Perspective: how Lacrima benefits from ERP

This is another post in our series where we present a sample of our wide range of clients - and how the use of an ERP fits their needs.

In order to better demonstrate the varying industries and types of clients we have selected Lacrima - a small non-governmental organisation which has members across three countries. These members are offering part of their services and expertise in the past years to the organization in a form of voluntary work.

Their services cover a wide range of things but in the past couple of years they have been focusing on developing and producing retail hardware. The most recent examples include shooting sports accessories, fuel consumption monitoring sensors among others - i.e. they don’t focus on specific industries.

The diverse and broad range of services - all simply under the same umbrella of hardware design - as well as the geographically spread out team means there’s a challenge in what Lacrima does and most importantly how it manages everything.

The loose network of Lacrima associates quickly realized that they needed a system for managing the individual way they work. They could have gone for a custom, ‘heavy’ solution that would address all their specific needs but would also become obsolete fast and cost a lot. Instead they decided to use a lean, flexible and cost-effective approach in the shape of an online ERP which could provide fast and practical results.

“We are developing hardware and building prototypes with people at three locations in three different countries. Megaventory allows us to keep a good track of the components, sub-assemblies and their movements between our locations”

Jirka Jirout

Overall, the unique and specialized needs of Lacrima are being successfully met by a simplified and practical Software as a Service solution, such as megaventory. In addition to this, it’s exciting to realize that both an irregular NGO-type entity as well as more traditional types of companies are served equally well by the same service!

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