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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Localisation in Megaventory

As mentioned in the previous post about the recent German localisation of Megaventory, it is possible for any admin user to change any text in the application.

Such changes can be in either the native language or the exact terminology preferred. This helps to address the peculiarities of language but also allows the different ways different industries and businesses express themselves when they refer to things which are similar in principle.

Once this has been done the environment the employees will be working in becomes much more customised and familiar which results in a much more efficient work flow. And this is just one example of how Megaventory caring about usability translates in a better experience for the employees and an overall improvement in company efficiency.

In other words, it's one of the simple methods we've come up with in order to increase ERP usage and adoption among employees. This is generally a major concern when deciding to buy or upgrade an ERP solution: will my business actually make the most of it? Well, such easy localisation is another measure to ensure this.

And when we say easy, we mean it. It's as simple as visiting "Localise Megaventory" in Admin, Account:

Once there, all texts in the Megaventory application are available to be edited:

This is a one-off effort which should take less than a day to complete - and of course can be revisited at any point. The end result is a Megaventory account practically exactly the way the business it supports prefers it.

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