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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Partnership announced between 4C Predictive Technologies and Megaventory

We’re excited to announce a new partnership between Megaventory and 4C Predictive Technologies!

4C is a Saudi Arabian company offering a wide range of services related to business intelligence for the retail sector. Their services fall in three broad categories: Visual Merchandising, i.e. product handling (inventory management, picking and packing, etc), Visual Intelligence, i.e. providing visual information about products’ layout but also Visual Technologies, i.e. other digital information services such as content communication and messaging, signage, etc. Obviously we’re talking about broad offerings which can cover many needs for the retail professional all from a single vendor.

Their client base is quite broad as well, ranging from companies in the food and beverage industry to car dealerships and from distribution businesses to the banking sector. Clients include most of the Saudi Arabian banks as well as other entities from that geography.

4C has been using Megaventory for some time now by integrating our solution with their infrastructure. By making use of our platform 4C has been managing their inventory and stock and replenishing banking-related products such as marketing brochures (eg for bank products, such as loans) and other similar material.

The following video gives more information about what is it that 4C excels in - can you find out where Megaventory's contribution comes in?

We’re excited to be able to cover the inventory needs of 4C and to be actually part of the efficient and helpful ecosystem of services they have created.

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