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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Five things to ask your cloud provider

The HRIS World has a post about the five most valuable questions to ask when choosing a cloud provider. 

Although typically you'd need much more information obviously in order to evaluate a vendor we thought we'd tackle the questions ourselves too. So here it goes:

How secure is your cloud?

The website is certified by RapidSSL™ and offers a secure SSL connection option so that user credentials and business data are safely encrypted over the transmission channel. Other than that, security is handled as part of our hosting approach by reputable hosting provider Hetzner. This ensures that qualified professionals set and optimise all the necessary security parameters ensuring nothing is overlooked. At the same the Megaventory personnel is responsible for performing necessary security upgrades that no issues ever arise.

What services do you provide?

From order (quotes, sales and purchases) to inventory management and from reporting (business intelligence) to light manufacturing monitoring, Megaventory is an ideal ERP solution for the small and medium business. A more complete list of features can be found in the signup page.

If any particular features - whether minor or large in scope - are necessary for a client we can readily incorporate them in our development roadmap effectively including them as fast as possible.

How flexible is your cloud?

Apart from the custom development mentioned above, Megaventory can be adapted along a number of parameters. Users, locations and product codes can be added on the fly with no disruption to operations - similarly such features can also be removed equally seamlessly.

Megaventory can be localised by language or adapted to specific industry needs and particular lingo (or even down to the level of specific business characteristics) by the business itself (ie without the need for requesting external support). So far it has been translated in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Greek and has also been adapted to four verticals: Small/Personal Business, Franchise Chains, Manufacturing and Consumer Electronics.

In addition to this if further development is necessary there is an API layer which can be used to access most of Megaventory's functionality without the need to use the web interface.

What is your downtime history?

Despite constant development and addition of new features, consistently since Megaventory's start back in September 2010 (and actually even earlier), downtime has been kept to an absolute minimum. Major updates occur at monthly or every two months on average while minor issues are implemented on a weekly basis. Such updates occur at weekend nights to ensure the least possible disruption and it is essentially due to these planned updates that any downtime occurs.

How much tech support can I expect?

Tech support is available via email and most support tickets are answered in the first hour or two. Moreover, voice calls can be set up for free with every new account subscription. These one-to-one training sessions are designed to help the new business get started with Megaventory.

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