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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Megaventory February 2014 Upgrade (code named: Chios)

New features are available to Megaventory since the 23rd of February. Here is the list:

1. Batch Printing

This is a feature that greatly facilitates the printing operations of your company. By batch printing multiple documents at once, users no longer have to click to open each document to print it. This is something that can now be done through any list of documents (list of Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Work Orders and list Inventory Transactions & Invoices). Users can check one or more documents by using the checkboxes of the list and then click the Print button above the list.

Batch printing of documents
2. Shipping Providers

We have added support for tracking shipments in Megaventory. When a Goods Out document is created, users can now select the shipment provider of the shipment (for example, UPS) and add the tracking ID. By doing so, we provide a link to the shipment so that it can be tracked easily from within Megaventory.

Shipment Tracking in the Goods Out document

Before selecting a shipping provider, the shipping provider entity has to be created. This option is available only to administrators and can be found under their Admin menu.

3. Extra Printing options

We have added two new printing options.

- The first one is available only to Sales Orders and Purchase Orders and display the partial quantities together with the ordered quantities.

Partial Quantities in the Printouts of Orders

- The second option allows for the printing of the client information in Packing slips.

Both options can be set by modifying the document type entity (under the Account Data > Document Types).

4. Ability to report per Client/Supplier in Reports. More calendar filter options

Users can now drag and drop the client entity in the row area of reports. The result is a report showing Client/Supplier performance Vs Time. Moreover, we have added extra time span options to the calendar filter.

New Reporting Features

Apart from the features listed above, as always, we've worked hard to eliminate bugs; more than 30 minor bugs have been fixed in this upgrade. Finally, don't forget that you can now operate a Magento store and have it connected to your Megaventory account.

To have your say related to this upgrade, just use the comments section below!

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