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Monday, June 30, 2014

Megaventory comes out of BETA!

The past weeks and months we have been hard at work on many fronts, most of which meant minor or major improvements on things most people don't notice - at least not immediately.

So far, we've upgraded our hardware, performed multiple updates and maintenance, significantly improved our internal process to be more efficient (for example we know offer support via our Knowledge Base as well) and have of course launched the Megaventory Partner Program (more on that soon).

All of that paved the way and culminated in one of the most important milestones of Megaventory: we're now confident enough to remove the BETA tag from our logo!

It's been quite a trip of four years with regular upgrades and improvements, in constant contact with our customers in an effort to enhance the Megaventory experience as much as possible. But now - and only now - we can be sure that we offer a really useful, practically bug-free, robust and scalable solution.

The reason we waited so long - unlike what most competitors do - was that we wanted to be excellent in every aspect of our solution before removing the BETA. It's quite simple really: we value our customers' data and processes as our own and we need to be 120% confident that we can offer significant value in an uninterrupted way before branding our software as complete.

Of course, we'll keep issuing updates and improvements to Megaventory in order to make it an even more ideal solution for small and medium business inventory and order management, an ideal web-based ERP essentially.

The regular upgrades will continue, more integrations are already being developed and many other exciting things are coming up! Please be sure to follow our updates, Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date!