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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Megaventory partners with Magento SaaS vendors MageCloud, QuickMage

Megaventory is a proud member of the Software-as-a-Service industry and for this reason we have now partnered with two Magento cloud based turn-key solutions.

QuickMage is a Magento-as-a-Service solution. You can easily launch and scale your ecommerce business without having to commit to a significant setup and training cost for you and your employees. QuickMage offers Magento hosting, powerful design tools, customizability and easy installation of Magento modules, plugins and extensions. 

The Megaventory inventory management Magento extension is offered as a premium extension and you can take advantage of the exclusive offer: 50% off of Megaventory fees for the first 6 months.

QuickMage pricing is based on the turnover of your store and it will not charge you anything for the first $10,000 you earn, making it an ideal launchpad for a new ecommerce business or for testing a business idea.

MageCloud is a service that allows you to install Magento on an Amazon server with just a few clicks. You can customize your storefront with hundreds of themes and add extensions without writing any code through MageCloud’s user interface. At the same time, more advanced Magento users still have access to the regular Magento backend and their server through SSH. 

The Megaventory inventory management Magento extension is among those offered in the marketplace providing an excellent method to have a fully-featured solution combining ecommerce and order management out of the box.

MageCloud has flexible pay-as-you-grow pricing and you can get started for free if you plugin your own hosting. Again this is ideal to get you started with minimal expenses while keeping the door open for easy scalability to heavier traffic if the business catches on. 

In Megaventory we make every effort to allow business owners to focus on their business rather than worry about their IT infrastructure and software. These two partnerships and the ease of use they mean are a clear step towards this direction and definitely worth a try if you’re thinking of setting up an eshop with Magento.