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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Megaventory’s capabilities just got multiplied by 400 – see how!

A new, powerful integration for Megaventory is launching today!

We’re proud to welcome Zapier to the family of our existing connections with third party solutions – and what a member it is...

For those who don’t know it, Zapier is an agile service that sits between various other solutions, services and software and can interconnect them. The really interesting aspect that sets it apart and the reason you should sign up to use it, if you don’t do so already, is that absolutely no programming or technical skills is required. You can set up connections between software you use in minutes and the only limit is your imagination really.

What sets it apart from other competing products is the broad access to third party services it offers – more than 400 apps can be connected using it: from CMS to accounting and from ecommerce to helpdesk tools you’re bound to be able to find your tool of choice among its supported integrations.

And for the past couple of weeks Megaventory was being developed and tested into that list. Here are a few examples of what you can do if you’re already using Megaventory:

  • Want to be notified by email when a product goes low on stock? Just connect Megaventory with email – when the product falls below the predefined alert level you will receive an email. You can then log into Megaventory and place an order with your supplier.

  • Want to track you Megaventory suppliers and clients inside your favorite Sales or CRM software? Here’s a small sample of what you can connect to our solution:

  • Want to connect your Megaventory suppliers and clients with your email marketing software in order to be able to send them updates about your business developments? Use Mailchimp for example (or any of the 60+ other email campaign managers available in Zapier)

The possibilities are literally endless – just see the long list of integrations Zapier supports.
And, of course, Zapier is the latest of a series of integrations we have implement (Magento and Salescast came before it and more are coming).

So, if you had a missing bit of functionality in your current business software solution, take a closer look at the Megaventory - Zapier integration to see if you can make your company run more efficiently.

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