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Friday, May 13, 2016

Cloud news roundup: More bots, more files, more computing power

We haven't done an industry roundup post in quite a bit and now it's time to sum up some of the interesting recent developments in the tech world. They are going to make easier the lives of anyone running a modern business as well as those working for them - marketers in particular...

Facebook Chat Bots

Bots are about to take over Facebook Messenger - as well as most other services operating over the cloud. Bots will be geared toward helping businesses offer better customer support, make marketing a little bit easier and consequently boost their profits in a new way.

In a nutshell, developers will be able to use a Facebook-created tool to host computer-controlled conversations with their followers within Messenger. The challenge is to make these conversations come naturally and eventually be useful. Whether that's what will actually happen remains to be seen...

Dropbox is transforming the cloud (again)

Dropbox is finally solving a big cloud problem. Until now if you wanted to access your files, you literally needed to have them stored on your drive. Otherwise you would have to download them first and then open them or edit them. This contradicts the concept of cloud-storage - especially on devices with smaller hard drives.

Their new project is going to allow you to manage cloud files as though they were local but without them taking up space on your drives. And given the excellent track record of service Dropbox has offered so far, it's likely we're in for very impressive technology.

Quantum computing as a cloud service

IBM announced that for the first time ever quantum computing will be available to members of the public through IBM Cloud. The cloud-enabled quantum computing platform, called IBM Quantum Experience, will allow users to run algorithms and experiments on IBM's quantum processor.

This is one big step towards building a universal quantum computer that could be programmed to perform any computing task. It will be incredibly faster than classical computers for a number of important applications for science and business.

A universal quantum computer might not exist yet today, but the processor is the next best thing currently available to you. Not bad...

As a web-based software ourselves, we love to see more and more cloud-related developments being announced. Do you think these news could let you do your job easier or is their future just a bit too far still? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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