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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

News from the Megaventory development front

Since last February a large number of improvements were made to Megaventory.

Faster loading

If you have a lot of transactions on a regular basis and you’ve noticed Megaventory taking longer than usual to load pages we’ve introduced a super easy way to speed up your account.

If you visit your Account Setup page you now have the option to uncheck an additional feature. If you don’t want to limit your users from specific Clients or Suppliers you can uncheck this box and you’ll see a significant speed boost in load times as less checks need to be made when pages load. The boost will be more pronounced if you have many Suppliers and Clients in your account.

Inventory transactions and invoices

If you want to see all the transactions and invoices you have with a certain supplier or client you can now click the icon in the following snapshot and a handy pop-up with all the related documents will appear. You can find this under the Gear icon in the list of Clients and Suppliers respectively.

Technical improvements

Since February, in general, we have made more than 100 different design optimizations, technical improvements, and bug fixes. These are all part of our ongoing commitment to keep improving upon Megaventory and making it more useful by the day. 

Remember these are all implemented exclusively in the new interface. If you’re among the few left still on the old UI contact us to arrange your switch to the new UI so you can benefit from the constant upgrades.

Online presence

We’ve boosted the quantity and quality of posts both in this blog and on our social media channels – make sure you follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook Page. Oh and we're also on Wikipedia now! 

Stay tuned – we’re preparing one major update to go live in the next few weeks and at least two more specific feature expansions.