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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Managing a Full Purchasing, Manufacturing and Selling Workflow with Serial Numbers

The serial number feature, essential for full traceability, allows Megaventory users to track the movements of individual items in their inventory right from the moment of purchase to the moment the goods are sold, and all throughout the manufacturing process. This is how you can monitor and manage serialized products in Megaventory.

Enabling serials numbers

First and foremost, start off by Enabling Serial Number Tracking by clicking on Account Setup under Settings. You can enable them when shipping (ie when selling and receiving Finished Goods) or when shipping and receiving (ie also when consuming Raw Materials and shipping goods as well).  

As shown below, you can also choose if you want the serial number to be unique per product or for it to be unique across all products. 

Once this is set, and before heading to the manufacturing process, you might face two different situations: you might want to add serial numbers to products you already have in stock, or you can just add serial numbers to incoming goods. In any case, you need to assign serial numbers to the stock before it can be used in a manufacturing process that tracks serial numbers.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

How To Personalize The Language And Terms In Megaventory

In Megaventory, we understand that switching to new software or changing the inventory management system might be challenging at times. This is why we don’t want the language to become a barrier. 
Megaventory can be used in English, Spanish, Greek, French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, and Romanian. And not only that. To make its use even more seamless, it also offers the chance for different users to use the software in different languages, and even to localize/translate terms in order to customize the interface
This can be very useful when first starting to use Megaventory, as it allows you to use your language of choice, create your own text strings, and maintain the company’s terminology. It is also great when: 
  • Using Megaventory in an international company, with users in different countries
  • Having international teams with different mother tongues
  • The client/partner is also granted access to Megaventory and uses different terminology
The possibilities and uses are countless, and you just have to follow these simple steps:

Are your company’s operations based in Germany and all your employees most comfortable when using German? Or are all your products and terminology also in German? Megaventory allows you to set the entire account in the language of your choice!
You just have to choose one of our available language packs, following this simple path: 
Head to the menu and click on Settings. Then, click on Account Setup and choose one of the language packs we offer. You will be able to see the changes just by clicking refresh!

Another way to do this is by clicking on Settings > Localize > Update Account Language, and to pick the language of your choice. 

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