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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

How To Personalize The Language And Terms In Megaventory

In Megaventory, we understand that switching to new software or changing the inventory management system might be challenging at times. This is why we don’t want the language to become a barrier. 
Megaventory can be used in English, Spanish, Greek, French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, and Romanian. And not only that. To make its use even more seamless, it also offers the chance for different users to use the software in different languages, and even to localize/translate terms in order to customize the interface
This can be very useful when first starting to use Megaventory, as it allows you to use your language of choice, create your own text strings, and maintain the company’s terminology. It is also great when: 
  • Using Megaventory in an international company, with users in different countries
  • Having international teams with different mother tongues
  • The client/partner is also granted access to Megaventory and uses different terminology
The possibilities and uses are countless, and you just have to follow these simple steps:

Are your company’s operations based in Germany and all your employees most comfortable when using German? Or are all your products and terminology also in German? Megaventory allows you to set the entire account in the language of your choice!
You just have to choose one of our available language packs, following this simple path: 
Head to the menu and click on Settings. Then, click on Account Setup and choose one of the language packs we offer. You will be able to see the changes just by clicking refresh!

Another way to do this is by clicking on Settings > Localize > Update Account Language, and to pick the language of your choice. 

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In addition to choosing a language pack for the whole account, each individual user can also localize the software to the language they are most comfortable with.
Are you an international company that is working with foreign employees? Imagine that you are a French company that uses the software in the French language and you hire a Spanish employee. Megaventory gives you an opportunity to set the desired language per user! Follow the instructions to see how easy it is!
This can be done by the admin, or the user itself. It is as easy as following these steps: 
When choosing the language from the admin account, head to the menu, and click on Settings. Then go to View Users & Permissions and click on the user name of whom you want to change the language. 

Enter your password to continue and select the language of your choice for the user in question.

You will also reach this menu when changing the language from any user account, by clicking on My Profile in the top right corner and entering the password to continue. Pick a language from the Use Language Pack field, hit update and you will be good to go!

Once you are comfortable with the language of the interface, you might also want to change some text strings according to the business terminology used in your company. For example, the term “Supplier” might be changed to “Vendor”, “Inventory Locations” to “Warehouses” etc. 
Megaventory also has many fields created in advance which are optional (e.g. Custom Order Flag 1, Custom Order Date 1, etc), that can be customized and defined this way to fit the specific needs of each business. 

Click on Settings > Localize > Update Specific Phrases and Select the Language you want to personalize from the drop-down list. You will then see a display table. 

To customize any field, follow the steps below:
  1. Enter the name/text of the field you want to customize/localize in the Start Typing To Filter area under the Language column (second column, “English” in this case) and hit Enter to filter by this text.
  2. See all the instances where the name/text in question is included in the results which appear below.
  3. Update the necessary text in the text form field under User Defined Language Text. Copy and Paste the default test, make the necessary changes and hit Tab - the change is saved instantly. In order to see the changes, click Reload on the top left corner. (Remember that your custom name/text must comply with the maximum character requirement for that name/text, and that the user-defined language text cannot contain any of the following invalid characters: <, >, ", # or only white spaces.)
  4.  Repeat for all the instances of the name/text in question to ensure consistency.
If you were to localize specific phrases from another language that is not English, say Spanish, you would have to filter Step 1 under the Idioma Actual (Current Language) column, as seen below. 

We hope this article was helpful and will make your use of Megaventory more pleasant!

Are you ready to manage your inventory in your own language?
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