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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pre-Sales in Megaventory: Sales Quotes

Since in the past couple of weeks we’ve been super busy implementing and smoothing the edges for a number of new awesome features and upgrades, it might be a good idea to go over some of the most important ones and show how dead simple it is to include them in your business work flow!

Don't just take our words for this. Just to illustrate, let’s assume that we’re looking at, an actual small business that is using megaventory's modules to produce and sell food products in the US market. In particular they sell some delicious handmade soup products and Gluten Free Meat Mixes. is based in the beautiful island of Nantucket, MA where they have their main workshop facilities, offices and e-shop - all in one location.'s main B2B client is the imaginary Hyper Supermarket chain and it is once again time to prepare a quote for them. Hyper Supermarket has asked for a variety of a quantity of 100 soup mixes that makes. Pat, the employee responsible for sending the quote clicks on Orders in megaventory’s main menu and brings up the Sales Quote form.

The Sales Quote process consists of 3 stages. First, the draft is created and Pat can easily retrieve all related client data (including the contact person) simply by selecting Hyper Supermarket from the Client menu.

Once there, it’s just a simple task of filling in the Black Bean Soup code (SKU) of BLBESOUP and the quantity requested by Hyper Supermarket. It is certainly helpful to know that you can use the 'tab' key to move around the text fields.

Note that a special discount (agreed between and Hyper Supermarket) also applies in addition to the usual tax. Special Remarks can also be added on a per-row basis.

Once Save and Update is clicked the Draft is saved so it can be searchable within the Sales Quotes list; Pat can now go to the Quotes List, select the particular Quote and print it out or send it via e-mail to Maria, their contact in Hyper Supermarket.

Later, when Maria calls back with some changes for the quote, Pat can edit the Quote, change and update it and then send it for a further last check. When Maria eventually accepts the Quote, Pat selects the Accept Quote option and by doing so, the process can wrap up by completing the Sales Quote and creating an actual Sales Order (last step of the process) based on the Quote without further hassle.

Using the above procedure, the intuitive user interface of makes the tracking of the pre-sale process easy as a-b-c.

In short, this quick example shows how easy to use and intuitive is. Pat can go through the entire process in practically one -complete with helpful tips- screen  and with most of the fields being automatically filled in. This means Pat had to spend only a few minutes and move on straight to the next item on her to-do list (while also saving time from the future job of placing the order). Finally, she could also be doing all this from the comfort of her home, as is web-based.

What does all that mean for you? It simply means that you can now better organize your sales efforts, regardless of where you are, save time and avoid mistakes during the early sales process of your company or organization. All around awesome.

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