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Sunday, January 22, 2012

megaventory 2.6 upgrade (code named: Roma)

We are very happy to announce our v2.6 upgrade. This upgrade has introduced some breaking changes to the way Purchase Orders, Sales Quotes and Sales Orders are handled. We explain these changes below:

1. New interface
Since we have introduced a procedural, step-by-step, way to handle orders and quotes we needed to come up with an easy way to help users easily follow through the complicated supply chain steps of a Purchase Order, a Sales Quote and a Sales Order. Here's how the new template looks like (in this example a Purchase Order):

A Purchase Order in the new Template

Note that the text of the old status flags (In process, Invoiced, Paid, Cancelled) has now been reset to: "Custom Order Flag1, 2, 3, etc.". Users wishing to keep their old text in these flags should visit the 'Localize megaventory' page (under the admin panel), look for the 'Custom Order Flag' text and change it accordingly.

2. Multiple file/contract uploads per document
We now allow multiple file uploads per document. The upload mechanism can be found under the 'Related Contract or File' tab.

3. Partial Shipments/Partial Receipts
This feature has long being awaited by our user base and we are really excited to introduce it to megaventory. Users can now choose the quantity to receive against a Purchase Order or the quantity to ship against a Sales Order. Moreover, users can choose to ship/receive now and invoice later or even invoice partially a shipment. Here's how the interface looks:

Partial receipt of products against a Purchase Order

4. Complete History of user activity logs per document.
We now keep a complete history of logs per document so that anyone can see a detailed timeline of the actions performed.

5. Action buttons and related inventory transaction documents
The action buttons control all the operations of the document (in this example the Purchase Order) and all these operations are now performed using web-services so as to minimize page response times. Also, every related document to the order (in our case a Purchase Order) appears under the related documents tab. Here's a screenshot displaying both these features:
Screenshot showing the Action Buttons and the Related Documents tab

6. [Sales Orders only] The 'on-hold quantity' has been replaced by the 'non-shipped quantity'

We now allow a Sales Order to be created even if there is no availability for the products included in the Sales order. All availability information becomes visible to the user at the time of adding the product to the Sales Order. This is shown in the following screenshot:
Sales Order showing the availability information per product per inventory location

Finally, due to the way Purchase and Sales orders are now handled in megaventory, all existing orders (created on or prior to Tuesday the 24th [Jan-2012]) will be:
- Set to the 'verified' status if they were in the 'open' status or
- Set to the 'closed' status if they are in the 'fully shipped' status.

If you have any more questions regarding those breaking changes, please use the support panel of the application (under the help tab) to send us your support ticket. Also, if you want to give us feedback, you may leave your comments below.

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