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Friday, February 7, 2014

Megaventory Partners Program Launch!

Right after the Magento and Salescast integrations Megaventory is ready to make another important announcement.

We're expanding our business development efforts to initiate the Megaventory Partners Program. Simply put, this is an opportunity for exceptional professionals or companies to join forces with Megaventory in an affiliation which is sure to benefit all parties involved.

Megaventory Partners Program

The Megaventory Partners program is structured in three layers

  • Affiliates: Our simplest package allows for independent collaboration with Megaventory with few restrictions and obligations on the part of the affiliate - it's ideal for maximum flexibility.
  • Value Added Partners: Our main package provides partners with training, support material and promotion benefits apart from an additional source of revenue - it's a unique proposition offering the maximum benefits
  • Premium Partners: Our top tier package allows for maximum customization capabilities and provides the opportunity for tailor-made win-win agreements. 

All types of Partners earn the benefits either of a revenue share or free usage agreement depending on the partnership - and that's on top of other perks and markups. 

Either individuals or businesses can apply to become members of the program. We think it's a great opportunity overall based on a number of distinct groups which have shown enthusiastic interest in Megaventory over the years. As such, we believe you should apply if you are:

  • An accountant, CPA or a bookkeeping company
  • An individual developer or an established software house
  • A business consultant or consulting agency offering financial or strategy services

(These are all indicative examples, of course. If your business falls somewhere in between, we'd still encourage you to join us - and we'll make it work!)

And of course all existing Megaventory clients have the chance to benefit by suggesting Megaventory to other businesses (such as their own clients, suppliers and affiliates) who are bound to benefit by our software.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead - apply and become part of the growing Megaventory family!

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