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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Announcing Megaventory 3.0!

We’re excited to launch the new version of Megaventory featuring a complete design overhaul and a significant speed boost on the interface.

After many months of hard work we are proud to launch Megaventory 3.0. This new and exciting version features our entirely new UI, advanced customer support capabilities as well as several other optimizations and speed improvements. We started the redesign of the interface from scratch and we literally did not leave anything untouched. We are now confident that we have built a UI that is clean, fast and optimized to reduce the effort needed for every single action inside Megaventory.

We have changed the technology used by our application and as a result the interface now responds to user actions at a fraction of the time. This alone should give a productivity boost to businesses adopting Megaventory.


What is more, we have completely changed the navigation philosophy. The site interface is now divided in four different dashboards, one for each role in the business: namely the Purchase, Sell, Manufacture and Inventory dashboards. Each dashboard has all the needed action buttons, such as creation of a Sales Order in the Sell dashboard which you can click to quickly start a new order for your customers.

Each dashboard also has a very powerful grid of pre-filtered cards and business reports. For example, it’s possible to create a card with the non-fulfilled Sales Orders of the last 7 days and add it to your dashboard for quick reference on an every-day basis. You can even share the card with your team so that they do not have to create it again and so that you all work from the same starting point. 

The new Megaventory dashboard


The snappy new interface combined with the streamlined design and functionality of the app allows businesses to perform their daily actions like restocking in just a couple of minutes, minimizing data entry.

The new UI is also responsive and it allows you to use Megaventory either from your computer or from a mobile device. This comes handy in various use cases: you can either be in your office PC creating reports or in the warehouse managing stock with a tablet or on the go taking sales from clients in your mobile.

(Re)discover Megaventory

All new customers get the new UI by default – all you have to do is sign up here. Existing customers will be phased out of the old UI and into the new version in the coming weeks (anyone who wants to jump the queue and enjoy the brand new offering should let us know).

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