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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Customer perspective: how benefits from Megaventory

Yet another short series of posts is starting in this blog in which we’ll be presenting some of our customers who talk about their small business and what they do. In addition to promoting their work we’ve asked them to give us a hint how or why the inventory management and order management capabilities of are indispensable for them.

First up is, a US-based company which sells and services mechanical seals and pumps for industrial applications in Nevada state. The industries they take projects in are related to mining, geothermal, water and waste-water treatment and manufacturing among others. The company has two locations and five staff, at the time of writing (making them a perfect example customer for megaventory).

The core component of their business is hardware sales and this component covers a large variety of seals and sealing mechanisms, pumps, valves, coatings, fluids and polymers used in the industry (cleaners, de-greasers, lubricants etc), to name a sample of the product range.

In addition to sales of hardware, they offer service & repair of respective parts as well as expert opinion on existing equipment and infrastructure. offers a wide and broad range of products and services and so, the complexity and management overhead the company faces on an everyday basis is significant. In particular, forecasting of the needs and next business steps is an important issue they have to address regularly - and one megaventory can help with:

"Our biggest challenge is being able to forecast and budget for future plans. Megaventory is helping us track the info that we need to we can take the next step.", Ricky Turner, Sales / Office Manager

Generally speaking, business reporting and business intelligence is something that’s both valuable to have and easy to obtain - once a management system is in place. And although many businesses ignore it relying primarily on the instinct and experience of key employees, there’s only so many times you can get away with just that. The minute you’re starting to cooperate with other professionals (e.g. vendors, suppliers etc) - let alone regulatory, or public sector institutions - issues like the following also need quick resolution:

"We had a last minute drop in by one of our vendors that needed information on our previous quarter sales. I had no time to prepare but was able to get the information that I needed out of Megaventory quickly so that I had information to show when they arrived.", Ricky Turner, Sales / Office Manager

These two basic examples outline how a small business ERP, such as megaventory, can directly address business needs in a typical, multi-location small business.

If you are a customer of us and would like your story to be told feel free to contact us and we’ll post it on this blog in a similar format as in this post. In addition to this, we’ll be forwarding it to all the communication channels we’re active in (as appropriate Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, online communities, fora) for some extra exposure for your business!

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